Thank you Sysco

Today I celebrate 15 amazing years working for Sysco. In light of the holiday season, I want to give Thanks for all that Sysco has done for me.

I have been given countless opportunities over these years to choose my path and develop both personally and professionally. I have honed my craft within the security of its wall, and have been given the support I needed to learn from the mistakes that I have made. I have utilized the many resources at my disposal to educate myself and further my career.  For this, I give Thanks.

During my tenure I have experienced life and loss, love and heartache, sickness and health. Sysco has been there throughout it all, supporting me with the benefits it provides or the support of its leadership. I have been able to provide for my family and the ones I love under Sysco’s employ. I have helped those in need, and been given the time when I needed it most. For this, I give Thanks.

With the living I have earned at Sysco I have been able to realize many dreams. I have owned a home and car, been able to travel, and explored countless of my nerdy hobbies (currently I’m on a board game kick). I have kept food on the table, and clothes on our backs. I have even been able to put a little away for a rainy day, and save for my retirement (only 25 years to go :-)). For this, I give Thanks.

Sysco is merely a sum of its parts, and those parts are its people. The ever turning cogs that keep this huge machine working day after day. It is through their hard work, dedication and sacrifice that we are all able to service our customers, and feed all the families that their efforts provide. Long ago I have lost the distinction between my Sysco family and my own….the love is the same. I have learned so much from the amazing people that I have encountered along my journey and for this, I give Thanks.

Economies ebb and flow, ventures sometime fail to come to fruition, and attrition is often a difficult necessity to keep a company healthy. Through difficult times, it is easy to lose sight of all the things that are going right as we seem to focus on what has gone wrong. I continue to hold much faith in this company, and in those who lead us bravely into an unknown future. Like the many people it employs, Sysco is a survivor. For this, I give Thanks.

Thank you all, and Happy Holidays!!  


~ by bricoop on November 25, 2015.

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